The Consulate General of Canada in Dallas

Reporting directly to the Canadian Government in Ottawa, the Consulate General in Dallas covers five states: Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas.  Its responsibilities include assisting Canadian exporters to develop US markets, consular assistance to Canadians in the US, liaison with state governments, academic and cultural affairs, political and economic affairs, tourism promotion, investment and technology transfer, and the dissemination of information on Canada and its policies.

Opus Faveo Innovation Development

Opus Faveo Innovation Development is a global venture development, policy advisory, and research firm that creates scalable, world-class companies in conjunction with governments, universities and corporations. Through its Corporate and Institutional Innovation initiative (Ci2), Opus Faveo advises academic, governmental, and corporate clients on generating more impact from innovation, improving innovation commercialization programs and establishing cost-effective frameworks for venture formation. Opus Faveo’s research practice generates original analysis of innovation policy, technology commercialization, and venture development.